Display & Care

Unlike other photographers who outsource printing and never see the print before you receive it, I inspect every print myself to insure proper reproduction, integrity and the highest level of quality before signing each one.  It is important to note that printed images will always look darker and less vibrant than they appear on screen.

Limited Editions are signed and numbered by me and apply to Canvas and Aluminum only, Canvas is limited to 200 and Aluminum is limited to 100.

Paper prints are unmounted and shipped in tubes, the paper options at this time are Lustre and Metallic.  Lustre is 260 gsm and Metallic is 280 gsm.

Canvas are Giclee prints that are stretched onto 1.5" gallery bars.  These prints are quite durable and easily stand up to routine cleaning, a little bit of soap and water on a soft rag will do the trick. You don't want the rag soaking but just damp enough that you can wipe off any dust, a light touch will prevent the dust from getting into the textured canvas surface.

Aluminum prints are float mounted and sit almost one inch from the wall, the corners are slightly rounded for protection and the finish is a high gloss.  Aluminum prints are done with a sublimated dye process for that reason they cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time doing so will cause them to fade.  A few hours a day can be tolerated as can bright reflected light but it is best to find a display location without those conditions.  Some new improvements in the technology have minimized this problem but it is always something to keep in mind when finding a place to display your investment.  Cleaning you Aluminum print is easy a little soap and water on a soft rag will do. Because the dye is infused with the aluminum at a molecular level it is almost impossible to scratch the print, but as they say gentleness is the key.