Landscapes Big Sur

Growing up in the Carolina's meant the importance of the outdoors was imprinted in me early.  This deep love for nature was the very first motivation for me to pursue photography.  Exploring areas around the mountains of North Carolina I would find  places of beauty that seemed to be calling to me.  At the time I was too young to understand the why and meaning of this.  Later in life I would learn those beautiful places that called to me were wanting to be 'captured' and their beauty shared.

There is a great thrill from searching and exploring for that beautiful spot and waiting for or even finding the light.  You begin your search months before, researching beauty's favorite spots.  Then the hunt continues in person, and not just discovering beauty but showing it through your eyes.  The high volume of landscape work today makes this more and more difficult, but the challenge makes the capture of a unique piece of beauty that much more thrilling.

Thirty years ago just being in a remote location with a view camera was enough to make unique and captivating images.  Now with the easy access to pro equipment and the attractiveness of capturing one of those images, photographers are pushed like never before to become more artistic and ultimately is a good thing for the medium.  Every day millions of images are created, just being there is no longer enough.

This challenge is something I relish and makes the art form of landscape photography one that has uniquely evolved in both creative pressure and competition.  Two factors that ultimately can have amazing results.